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I have not seen anything credible to make me believe in bigfoot.  But I haven't looked that hard, partly because I don't believe it's legit. 

If Sasquatch does exist, I hope for their sake they remain hidden. 

I've heard that some ranchers have also found Tasmanian wolf is not extinct after all, but they do not report sightings out of respect for the animal.  That is extremely noble and if true I commend the people who stay quiet. 

I would suggest that if anyone does find bigfoot, keep it to yourself, humans have enough blood on their hands.
All the same car just different models. I've been doing this since the seventies and have come to pretty much the same conclusions as John Keel the late author.

(03-15-2021, 11:10 PM)Rmks231 Wrote: Hi, Very New Here..Just wondering does anyone know if UFO's and Bigfoot are related somehow? Such as why orbits appear when Bigfoot is seen at times. Why Bigfoot can disappear (or seem to) at times? Anyone have any ideas..Also, the Military knows about Bigfoot as well as UFOs and keeps both from people at times.

To answer your first question yes they are somehow related but no necessarily extraterrestrial so much as ultradimensional.
The military does know but they have no control over them hence the secrecy.

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