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Big Problem For UFO Community
Big Problem For UFO Community
Some people are alienating themselves from the truth.  There is a “UFO Stalker” game since 2020, there are all these video games, movies, things called “Mockumentatries” which are fake documentaries and they all warp and hide the truths of UFOs and their witnesses. I am frustrated and don’t understand how people would prefer to accept lies, falsehoods, and counterintelligence over the real truth.
I’m 29 and haven’t watched televised programming since I was in middle school nearly 15 years ago, but people still do and it is trending, why? You people are pathetic. Cut TV from your lives and grow up to be a connected and inspired adult like me.
This is what I’ve been doing. I wrote a book and made plenty of videos of my verified truths and disclosed my truths to the public in retaliation of the fiction, lies, and counterintelligence.

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