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UFOs & Paranormal
I guess I have to accept what other people say about me. "Anthony you are truly one in a million". I guess I never realised that most people don't witness as many UFOs or have as many paranormal experiences as I have had. What is great in 2023  (At least so far from January to September) I haven't come across a single skeptic of these phenomena. I've seen some possible strange occurrences in there sky, but nothing that I would call UFO for sure yet this year. I have seen plenty of ghosts and other non-human type entities, which is awesome.

The past 9 months have been interesting. I wonder what I will see next.

What makes it easy to share my reports with people is that I don't currently work for any government. When I did work for the government, it was for the postal service and I didn't see anything unusual at all during that time.

I haven't seen anybody on the UFO Stalker Forum lately either. There are plenty of new reports, but hardly any new forum users.

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