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Is this real ? little Orb in Europe
Hi everyone, 
i'm looking for some help. i have seen before 2 days a little orb in Austria over the night sky. 
At first time i thought it was a bright Star but i wasn't. 

since this appearance i am fascinate from this thing. 
So i do yesterday a report on the MUFON Website. in the hope anyone can tell me if this are real ?
Today i found a Video here in this discussion about "Anyone seen something like this?". It is from ChaosCrone and this Videos remind a little bit on mine. 

Had anyone seeing something like this ? Maybe in Europe ? 
I hope i get any positive answer. The Video Quality is not the best. 

best Scene for me is from 1,12 min until 1,36 min. There you can see how it moves and pulsing. 

The password for the Video is 0000


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