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Hi, I was in my patio the other day and my phone was flickering a lot, usually when this happen this orbs are around but always are to fast to take a video or a photo, this time I saw it totally stop for some seconds and moving fast doing zig zags getting inside the clouds, looks like this orbs or spheres are metallic and not too big. the camera phone its very bad sorry  Blush

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I've seen these before too. I was driving one day and got stopped at an intersection. While waiting, I looked up out of my closed sunroof. That, in combination with my sunglasses helped me view the sky and sun with ease. I watched as some buzzards flew at what I estimated to be about 2,000-3,000ft. I then saw something else that I jokingly said in my thoughts were just buzzards on the "sky interstate" (because of just how much higher they were as compared to the other birds I saw). These buzzards weren't mimicking the circular patterns of the buzzards closer to the ground. They were moving in a straight line. Through some clouds that draped the sun at a much, much higher altitude I noticed seven black orbs that were high enough to appear to be small compared to my immediate surroundings, but distinct enough to notice the shape - and the fact that they were moving. I at first couldn't believe what I was seeing, and shifted my perspective as to disqualify the orbs as some marking on the glass above me. That did not prove to be the case, as the orbs maintained their position relative to me. I then attempted to be as analytical as possible. I was oriented facing due south. I noticed the movement of the clouds as compared to a fixed landmark were all but stationary. The orbs quickly moved west to east across the sky directly above my view. I decided to rest my head against my headrest so that it remained stationary. From one edge of a group of large cumulonimbus clouds across a gap of clear blue sky they blotted across the face of the sun, returning to the same situation on the opposite side. Clear blue skies... but just before they could even reach the edge of the closest clouds - they started to blink away from back to front (the westward most orb first, followed shortly by each of the other orbs traveling what originally appeared to be the opposite direction; east). There were no visible bursts of light at any point, nor were there any exhaust trails. I should note their formation was symmetrical and that it was maintained in a linear path across my field of vision. Oddly enough it was exactly parallel to the perimeter of my sunroof. I hope to one day better understand, if not attract and closely observe one of these objects. But until then, I enjoyed your content!
I saw an orb come out of what I thought was a cloud at first. very fast as it came out. flew over my back yard at tree top height and came back to go over my back porch where I was sitting. about the size of a VW beetle, looked fuzzy but very very bright white.

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