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Something i cant unsee
A scary sight for anyone

i was between 4 and 6 yrs old when i saw something that I have never talked about with anyone.
After being carried to our car to go pick up my mother from work in the middle of the night something caught my fathers attention and caused him to go to the street. Daisy our elderly neighbors small dog was barking nonstop, which was weird because our two dogs were not. peeking out the rear window of the car, after being told to stay down, I watched this metal thing land on top of daisy, squishing her into the road.  This thing had three metal legs, no windows and no doors at first. but then a ramp came out of it and touched the road, then a door opened and a window appeared with three "people" inside the metal thing.  My young mind had seen airplanes and helicopters before but it wasnt like any i had ever seen before. i watched them but never saw their mouths move with words or noise. One of the things looked my way and i could hear inside my head "Lost"  "Find others"  "Help need"  I wasnt scared or afraid but watching my fathers response to these creatures as he told them he didnt see any other lights nearby but they better find their friends before the government did and it was to late.  the ramp went back inside the craft, the door closed and then the three "people" silently said "friends" in my head.  As my dad approached the car the lights took off with a flash, just a second or two maybe and it was gone. My father looked at me and simply said " i told you to stay down, Dont ever talk about this with anyone, not even me, its just a dream".  I often thought that it was just a dream growing up, until a different neighbor unwittingly acknowledged that he had witnessed the event that killed little daisy that night and had seen the same craft that was in my dreams.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?   My father wasnt the governments biggest fan, being a Vietnam Vet who was spit on after coming home from a war he didnt want to fight, he did everything in his power to keep them out of his life. As a child i simply followed his orders about not talking to anyone about what i saw that night, but now i am curious about these entities and their ship. that was the closest encounter i have ever had.  so i know that we humans are not the most intelligent life forms in the universe, although their landings could use some adjustments.

young witness
Just happened across your post... to answer your question yes. ive seen 4 distinctly different none-Human looking races. 3 grey types ! reptilian type and honestly in hind sight one of the grey types could actually be a greyish ensectiod type (body legs and head were different). Let me start off with a thought based on one encounter that had telepathic communication with words because mostly the telepathic communication usually involves more compressed information than just words. English to us is a straight forward linear language because we were born in a English speaking culture. Soooo if you grew up in say a Spanish speaking culture the placement of the words and syntax is backwards to English (most languages are) so often some meaning is lost to the Locals (meaning us)and now add something else i noticed about them is there perception of self. Telepathic beings (this is my opinion based on observation over the years) tend to think like there one being their is the slf/individual and self/other. Now to my point before i write a novel here lol.... Could it be possible they were telling you they were here to help you find the others because ive heard of contactees mentioning some thing simalure...just some food for thought.Any ways since i mentioned the Reptilian I'll go ahead and describe what happened that time.

Lets see it was in the fall about 5 years ago (soo 2017 i think) its kinda hard to remember specific dates because i have had more then my fair share of face to face experiences and i never kept a journal. It was between 3:00 and 3:30 am my time I had woken up that night for like the fourth time ( i tend to wake up a lot some times five or six times a night). I went out to get on my Pc and check some e-mail i was waiting on a responce from a acquaintance I'd meet on line who was helping me find answers to alot of questions i had about our visitors. His knowladge on the differnt types of the "WHos' Who kind" is unprecedented honestly I figured either He was an alien himself or an insider because of the things he said and mentioned fit perfectly with what id experienced.

Any ways I"d woken up went out to my pc and was on there for about 30 minutes before I had decided to go out on the back porch and smoke a cigar. So i get up my backs facing the sliding glass door I turned opened it went out side grabbed my pack put the cigar in my mouth and lite it. I was in the middle of the concrete slab faceting the fence in a north eastward direction. The fence was 9' feet away. the being was 12 feet away. After i had lite it i noticed these almond shaped eyes squinting staring at me so i stared back. The weird thing wasent its triangular scale covored face or the seriously elongated head more so then any other being id seen until then. The weird thing was the eyes when they opened fully they were glowing white and not just white they had a 3d holographic efect like a playing card because when it turned its head certain detailes in the eyes would fade while others would morph and become visible. Now when we were having our staring contest I thought to my self "Ok Im not going to move let's see what happens". The expression on its face changed from curiosity to UH it sees me? He/She/it turned its head and started moving to my right in between the shed that was there and the fence while it ducked down below the fence line. By the time it reached the end of the shed it was on all fours and its knees were bent backwards like the back legs of a dog or cat. Reaching that point it took of running towards the back porch of the then vacant house next door At that point I had an urge to jump the 6 foot tall fence and follow it. Reaching the back porch on all fours running almost as fast as i could in my prime ( I was into track fastest time was a 6 min 13 sec mile) It stopped stood up turned towards me and like nails on a chaulk bored in my head i heard "Follow do not" a bit taken aback i just stood there and watch it as it turned on 2 legs and took off even faster reaching the other fence fliudly taking one hand putting it on one of the 4x4 posts and poll vaulting itself over like it was nothing. I went back inside thinking yup that just happened.

The next morning I went back out there with a tape measure it was exactly twelve feet away from me it stood 7 1/2 feet tall had a thin slit for its mouth its cheek bones were sunken in had 3 ridges on the bridge of its nose . Where the eye brows would be on a human they were pronounced like the depictions you see of the neanderthals with 3 ridges running vertically above each eye. I remember also it was hard to see like it had a very very thin piece of dark grey see throgh cloth between it and my self when it was up close. Now thats my one and only time i remember (and I say remember) of running into a reptilian being now the greys are a complete different story. I hope this helps you out and any one else who reads this talking and listening aboiut them helps people to understand your not alone in this and it also helps bring things out to help people understand that there here they have always been here with us.

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