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Real Encounter and Discussion with a Man In Black
Chapter from my book : “Why Aliens are somewhat Boneheads, at least, Stinkpots” 

What I know about.. Encounter with a Man in Black

[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]To legitimise my remarks, if it was necessary to do so since, first, we are in the conditional, and second, I'm using logic, which is already a guarantee for intellectual honesty and reflection, I am going to express some specific things about myself.[/font]

[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Certainly, sometimes, reality defies logic, or at least our logic which is corrupted by our puzzling view of life and justice, and therefore, of “Good” and “Evil”.[/font]

Philosophy will have to approach sooner or later the extra-terrestrial existence, meaning the possible notion of “Good” and “Evil” in a universal manner, and not typically reduced to the terrestrial one. Evil is not reserved exclusively for the Human Earthlings species.

We will see this later.

[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]For this chapter, I will have to express what I (almost) am , what I (almost) know , and, above all, what I do not know.[/font]

To keep it simple, I am a philosopher, theoretician, and inventor. So, polymath and epistemologist.

I can testify that, in reality, everything is connected and linked in Nature, because It is a Whole, as much in the intelligent reflection as in Science, the latter being segmented in different independent “Domains” only by Man.

It is a disconcerting phenomenon to state that nowadays, mixing both is daring and risky for our reputation, but, in ancient times, philosophers were scientists, and scientists were philosophers.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that morons, in the literal sense, must have thought they were scientists by separating the approach of the reflection in two categories in order to show a kind of (false) intellectual rigour.

[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]In fact, this manoeuvre was undertaken only by people who can reach some restricted scientific knowledge, and were not endowed with any faculty of intelligence. They wanted to be intelligent, but they could not. Like those people would like to be writers, musicians, actors, painters, or sculptors, but do not have any talent, any gift...[/font]

This internal struggle started with the increase in knowledge and in number of scholars, splitting into two distinct groups, the intelligent ones and the intellectuals, the latter being jealous of the first ones for what they could never acquire.

Their number increasing, taking power in the dominant places of eminence of their ancestors, they enacted their laws in order to define what Science was, then deciding what was of it and what was not, what was to consider and what was to despise.

Science became the sciences.

Their deep vanity deified knowledge to the detriment of reflection, to define themselves as superior in a field in which they would have quickly proven their own limitations, in the faculty of the intelligence, a cerebral prowess identified only by the mastery of the pure reflection, philosophy.

Somewhat, epistemology.

Their only solution was to officially make them divorce one another.

And as for any separation, contempt comes into play.

Clarification done.

As theoretician, I have discovered the answer to certain enigmas, the fundamental errors of scientifical considerations on the workings, as in physics as in chemistry, the mistakes of Einstein's reasoning, or the simple failures and lacks, as in biology about the explanation of Nature by the Darwinian evolution, the latter being nothing else but a basic observation.

Working this way on these sensitive subjects, I was approached by a former agent of an “Agency”, if indeed it is possible to be an “ex” from any kind of ”company” like “CIA”.

This happened in December 2014-January 2015, at Monterey, in California where I lived for more than a year.

At this time, I used to spend time in a charming cafe situated in an old Victorian style house.

There, I met a guy in his sixties.

He was one of the few people to strike up a conversation with me, in over a year in this country.

He very quickly approached delicate subjects such as particular sciences.

I say “delicate subjects” because they are of no use in a discussion with the average man, as much for his personal points of interests as for the required levels of knowledge and intelligence.

We cannot talk about the theory of Relativity with anyone because, on the one hand, he can quickly find the discussion extremely boring, and on the other hand, he may have neither the intellectual level, nor the knowledge in order to both understand, and to respond. In addition, with a Philistine, it is necessary to start from scratch, to explain so many things that the discussion would become endless...

So, when it comes to even more delicate subjects such as “Black Projects”, supposed to not exist and to only be the result of the fantasies of conspiracy theorists, or simply as new and extra-ordinary sciences, or worse, as extra-terrestrial technologies, the risk is increased with the average man, who would take you at once for a fool.

There, I was an average guy in anyone's eyes.

I thought I was an unknown, but indeed, not to everyone, or at least to anyone.

But, of course, I did understand this much later.

Very quickly, this person spoke of his current job, international private detective.

Yes, “international” is far from common.

And, he confided to me he was a retired soldier.

At this point, nothing strange or unusual, except he immediately revealed to have worked in the Montauk base, which I did not know at this time.

And that he had been through confidential experiences there, such as “Remote Viewing”.

During our meetings, as days passed, we exchanged information, mainly from his side.

For each subject I did not know about, I looked it up on the internet in the evening. And the next day, I asked him some questions, not too indiscreet in order to not disclose too much about my own scientific researches.

Indeed, the latter were the reason of our “chance” encounter.

In the USA, and regarding certain agencies such as the CIA or the NSA, or certain other obscure or non-existent ones, nothing is left to chance...

Hence, I asked him if this technology of “Remote Viewing”, which I did not know before, worked, and if he had personally tested it.

I received an affirmative answer twice.

I was therefore facing a soldier who had attended secret scientific tests on a secret technology in a secret base.

This is not the privilege of the simple grunt.

Nota Bene: Montauk is a city located in the far eastern part of New-York, on Long Island. And there is a military base. An official one. But nobody knows what happens inside...

[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]So I let it go, and confided to him the projects I was working on, and notably anti-gravity and nuclear power without waste.[/font]

At the same time, I told him I did not consider Einstein a genius.

A confidence I hardly ever say, because it is fruitless to discuss about it since most of people are unable to understand the justification. And for the good reason of a double mental contra-indication from the interlocutor. On the one hand, the necessity of his strong attention for a lengthy and tedious demonstration, and above all, on the other hand, the need for his willpower to get rid of his preconceived ideas inculcated in him from his early age, by which Einstein is the genius of Mankind, of the 20th century, just like his famous equation deemed as unalterable.

To enact such a civil blasphemy, requires to explain the whys and wherefores, but before that, the need to articulate what this theory of Relativity really is, because most people know only its name !

Thus, declaiming this is a risk of causing disinterest from the interlocutor, or being considered as a moron, or a boaster.

His reply was the most surprising, from the point of view of scientific discourse, especially from an official.

He agreed with me, without having to explain anything, simply because he reached before to the same conclusions.

For him, too, Einstein was not a genius.

He revealed to me that, when he gave lectures in universities, he started by writing on the blackboard: E ≠ mC².

Lectures in universities ?

Thus, he seemed less and less to be like the average soldier...

I spoke vaguely about my researches, saying that I did not write anything about them on my laptop.

He confirmed I was right to be careful.

And he told me that such discoveries were well worth several millions.

I began to understand the door he was opening to me.

A job of international private detective, so implying a high-level connections network, with a past of former soldier who worked on secret projects in secret bases, cannot make him an average serviceman, but rather a member of some semi-official governmental agencies...

And, being endowed, on one hand, with a competence and a scientific knowledge which had given him the opportunity to give lectures in universities, and, on the other hand, with a specific intelligence not to acknowledge Einstein as a genius, all of this made him a person out of the ordinary.

You don't meet such a rare person by chance, especially in the USA, a country where, I think, “pure coincidence” does not exist...

He is the exception that upholds the rule that I denounce, claiming that Americans are morons.

But, maybe, he was not entirely American, that is to say, a conventional Human Earthling...

One day, we talked about Jacques VALLÉE.

It was a name I knew, but an identity I had forgotten. I remembered he was this French “UFO” expert, who migrated to the USA in the '60s. He was the one who established the different classifications of encounters with the extra-terrestrial “world”, and who inspired SPIELBERG for his famous movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

I noticed that he resided in California about a hundred kilometres from where I lived, and I asked my new “friend” if it was difficult to meet him?

He answered no...

At that time, I was already facing a dilemma.

On one side, I was learning day after day, and for months, more and more dirty information about the USA, about those from the shadows, who really control the country (The Federal system and not at all any “elected” POTUS), their belligerent objectives, their vile ways of acting , their real past and true History, so, quite the opposite of what we learn from official books...

Moreover, by facing for months, certain serious personal “badventures”, as much aberrant as dishonest and illegal (against its own “Constitution”), I was discovering what the USA really were, quite the opposite of the virtues that their propaganda media claims for decades and portrays to the world.

And on another side, my decision over a year ago, to have decided to settle in this country for moral purposes, to the point of having requested for political asylum, which was under investigation in San Francisco, seemed to me more and more utopian and absurd.

But, the new dilemma was about the opportunity to work in an extraordinarily interesting extra-ordinary (sic) domain, and without any comparison with the labour of the common run of people, on sensitive and secret projects, with the introduction of all that it implies.

However, the other side of the coin, this “godsend” was also associated to the fact of working for unknown people, whose identity I would most probably never know, and in any case, for dirty ones, even if they were Humans, or Terrans...

Enlisting in such an adventure is double-edged.

It is about discovering “insane” things, meaning more than extra-ordinary (sic), so supra-ordinary ones, but also about being compelled to keep quiet about them forever.

And above all, impossible to turn back, and even more impossible to have a conscience. A “thing” I was “unfortunately” already endowed with.

I have grasped the trap of the golden prison in which an illustrious man such as Jacques VALLÉE can be found. He knows a lot, so much that he cannot discuss it with anyone, I mean, with any person from the “Outside”.

Any of his comments, however they are expressed, even by taking the precaution of using the conditional tense, could make it look as if he revealed the secret, at least, from the point of view of the paranoid “agencies”.

How to remain open-minded without being able to talk about what is of interest for us, with other enthusiasts, including fellow-members and professionals?

Indeed, a golden prison, not a physical one, rather intellectual, and moral.

I had to take a decision, undoubtedly the one of my life.

Discover and learn the most desirable knowledge, or, preserve my freedom, to think and to be.

I knew that if I chose the first one, admittedly the most exciting and attractive, I would regret it sooner or later.

One of the last discussions has been most interesting, intriguing and enjoyable.

The subject was relative to the advancement of the USA on “Black Projects”.

With everything I had learned, I knew that this research was more than successful, and in many fields.

As I was working at the theoretical level on some similar projects, I confided to him my frustration, present and future, about discovering and solving some enigmas, certainly unknown in the common world of the average men, but which would have been known for years on Earth, even within secret departments of Human Earthlings.

It is inventing something that already exists, all while presenting it to people who did not already know about its existence.

It is rewarding before ignoramuses, but, in the absolute, it's frustrating, because honestly, it was no longer a real discovery.

And thus, I told him about my intention to stop my researches, seeing it was, eventually, a waste of time because they had already made such conclusive discoveries.

And I received the greatest revelation from him.

He advised me to continue because their projects were certainly very advanced, but not perfectly achieved, since they were blocked on three of them by a common element, a kind of technological keystone they lacked.

The most important and comforting statement.

Americans are not scientifically omnipotent.

As for working for one of these obscurantist organisations, we know that we go in, but also, we do not get out, or at least, alive.

And then, as you never know for whom you are really working, not even for which real purpose and true cause, and even for which agenc[img=22x22][/img](ies), since several ones are involved in these secret and highly sensitive projects, ranging from the Secret CIA (occult department of the CIA regarding these kind of projects), the Secret NASA (occult department of the NASA regarding these kind of projects), the NSA, the DIA (like the CIA but by US Army-Defence), the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), to other less official and known ones, it is a serious decision to join.

I thought about Jacques VALLÉE, and I told myself I would not want to find myself in his sad and depressing situation.

I could easily imagine him, forever facing the paradox of having been enlightened on almost all the mysteries in this field, but also being doomed to not be allowed to share them, nor even to discuss them as an enthusiast, an average man.

All he could say, even under the seal of the conditional, of the hypothesis, of the theory, and even if it was taken with a pinch of precautions by his interlocutors, the members of the concerned “agencies” would have never taken that for vulgar intellectual discussion.

By knowing, by being fully-informed, paradoxically, he became less free than us, who do not know almost anything.

I had this choice, to enrich myself with disclosures, information, extraordinary evidences for the average man, in short, to get what every man in ignorance is in search of, but for this, all in all, I had to work for people I would never know, with some undisclosed, or fallacious, or obscure purposes, and to be silent forever in the “Outside” world, with my common fellows, thus losing all freedom to speak, to reflect, to act, to relocate.

Or to remain free, even if I had to continue my certainly longer quest, but without owing anything to anyone, not being held accountable, no assignment, no ban nor obligation.

And as I already knew the intellectual frustration of not sharing and exchanging knowledge about my very sensitive discoveries, I did not want to amplify this sorrowful feeling...

Additional confidences.
[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]From this anecdotal livery I wrote in 2016, in the first edition of the present book, only in French, some previous facts to this particular encounter came [/font][font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]back to my mind.[/font]

Sure, I often wondered why at this time, and not before...

As I already said between the lines, I was facing huge personal problems.

I had been screwed (in the figurative sense) by a fag (I cannot use the words “gay” or “homosexual” because of his deep depravity, renting his property like many dirty landlords did and do in this dirty city, for some sexual privileges...) to whom I rented a house in Hollywood.

Then, my Porsche got stolen by a band of crooks owning a car dealership in Santa Cruz, members of the local mafia, and protected by all authorities, from the mayor's office, the local police and the local court, to FBI.

And to (almost) finish, I've had this car accident in which, logically, I should have died.

I knew the usual practices and strategy of “Agencies”. First, intimidations, then, if facing a refusal to obey, the final discreet elimination thanks to an accidental accident (sic). Mainly by car.

Of course, I thought my accident truly was an accident !

And so, after, even despite some strange facts that happened to me, like the theft of my damaged car, which was a formal concrete proof of the violence of the impact I suffered. A criminal offence committed by the opposing insurance company (AAA), covered up by my own insurance (Progressive), and by all authorities, up to the governor of California...

I've had to file a criminal complaint at the Federal Court of San Jose, against around 40 people, including the governor, some famous lawyers, the attorney general, some policemen, the senior officials of these two insurance companies.

I published a book about it (“Califucknia), mentioning all the names, and you can find on some official websites, the complaint I filed at this corrupted Federal Court...

Of course, some other strange facts happened, like the disappearance of the female driver of the car that hit me...

Certainly, I uncovered a total and perfect complicity of all actors, associated to force me to renounce any lawsuit and any demand of compensation, to the point of corrupting the clerks Richard W. WIEKING and Patty CROMWELL, and the judge Edward J. DAVILA, under the authority of the judge Howard R. LLOYD, of this Federal Court.

[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Nota Bene: For information, at that time, I could not find any lawyer to represent me, despite the fact that they haunt hospitals everyday to catch any new clients, any victims of any kind of accident, even minor ones... So, I've had to learn, alone, by myself, physically and morally injured, all the laws and procedures, at the local, state and federal levels. And so, to write by myself all the complaints, and to undertake all the mandatory proceedings like sending subpoenas to all defendants. A task both Herculean and for ants, and expensive, against almost forty people living in different cities, and even states... And this, only about the accident...[/font]

[font=BlinkMacSystemFont, apple-system, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]But, I could not see any connection with the wish to silence me before.[/font]

Why would an “Agency” have used one of these definitive practices against me ?!

I was definitely not dangerous.

But, lately, my analysis about this point has matured, and evolved.

Historically, upon my arrival in the U.S.A., one year earlier, I filed for political asylum. It is an unusual request, and let alone by a European, and much less from a French. France being (supposedly) the country of Human Rights..., at least because of its worldwide reputation.

I was probably the only French to have applied for political asylum.

For this, my file was quite thick. More than 200 pages of facts about what I suffered and faced, including a physical and criminal attack at my home, with rackets and extortions, and some other offences based on death threats.

Criminal acts covered up by the French authorities, mainly the magistrature, the judiciary and the “Gendarmerderie” (sic) (Military Police still active in Peace time...), which are infiltrated by the satanic sect of French Masonry (sic).

Since then, I published three books about some new “badventures” which were worse and happened at the end of 2018, when I came back to France...

Certainly, my testimony revealed the deep implications between political circles, mafia and French (sic) masons, under a blessed homosexual aura, even paedophile one for some of them...

But, it was only about France.

No threat, no risk for U.S.A.

Even if it is true that the acquaintances of this satanic sect with this country of the New World, and especially with California, are rather close, I did not see the need for the

Americans to eliminate me.

However, with the latter, extremely paranoid and chicken, and without any conscience, nor any respect for strangers, we can expect anything.

There was also a curious encounter some time before my accident.

One week-end, a couple with a young girl, maybe less old than the majority, rented a bungalow next door.

Straight away, the wife approached me, and invited me for dinner at a fancy restaurant in Santa Cruz.

The conversation was quite strange at times since we talked about JFK's assassination, and I claimed that LBJ was behind it, and otherwise, we talked about oil pollution. The couple were “against” cars, but she approached me the same afternoon by praising with enjoyment my vintage car (The 53 MG with which I had the accident later ...).

But, above all, the so-called mother seemed to push her daughter in my arms, by proposing me to “guide” her in her studies...

I avoided this trap at the end of the dinner, by leaving alone the restaurant in my car to go back to the motel.

After I went to bed and they returned to their bungalow, someone knocked at my door. I did not answer.

Not too strange ? A normal couple ?

During the dinner, the wife proposed me to contact her if something ever happened to me, because she worked in an “Administration” of Sacramento, the capital of California...

All these red flags could express the theory of the non fortuitous accident.

But, I still remained doubtful.

Why would I have been a danger, apart from the fact that some people would have done this to reduce me to silence as a service for their “brothers and sisters” from France ?!

My intellectual honesty forced me not to jump to such hasty conclusions.

So, I remained circumspect on this possible “badventure”.

Then, lately, at the end of 2020, something I never noticed specifically came back to my mind.

Indeed, I had uncovered a secret base used for the «Black Projects» by chance, and without realizing its importance.

I went several times, but always in an ingenuous manner, without pondering about more than its curious location, until to the gate of this property.

Indeed, I took a ride with my motorbike. Period.

And once I reached the gate which is the “dead end” of this road, I turned back.

Not a big deal.

But, from an external point of view, both paranoid and narrow-minded, I must look like a threat for its occult Cerberus.

Moreover, being a stranger, and having lived a delicate and sensible life path to the point of asking for political asylum, I became by force of circumstances, more than suspicious.

They must have tested me by this approach at the motel, maybe they even tried to make me fall in a kind of sexual trap (like the one for “Strauss-Khan”, then president of the International Monetary Fund) by placing an undoubtedly minor young girl in my arms...

Having failed, they decided to use the fatal way of the car accident.

What happened to me would not be necessarily fortuitous.

Then, having come through everything, the MiB (Man In Black) came in touch with me...

Otherwise, something else came back lately to my mind.

This person I met in this café was never alone. They were always two. But, about the second one, he never said anything, never talked to me, never waved me. I don't even remember his face. He was always seated aside, away from us. I would never swear that he was a “conventional” Human...

Thinking about «Remote Viewing», and about some other related researches on the mind conducted by these “Agencies”, it is more than probable that this second individual polled my thoughts, my mind, while I was talking with his bright stooge.

About the latter, I won't reveal his name out of respect for him, even though I never signed any confidentiality agreement.

I think highly of him, and I don't think he is a bad guy.

When I explained to him the dirty things done by the USA, historically speaking, and more specifically, the “badventures” I was facing, and therefore that the country never showed any ethics behaviour, he replied to me that he was sorry for that, and it was too late for him to leave it !

Quite a strange answer for an American Human Earthling. Less from an “Alien”...

His first name is an usual one, John, and his name consists only of consonants.

This feature of the absence of vowels struck me by reading his e-mail address, finding it rather difficult to pronounce. I did not consider it as his name, but as an abbreviation, like when we add a number to distinguish from homonymous.

Then, much later, I understood when I was watching a TV documentary on UFO testimonies.

A woman had revealed that she had been intimidated by two military “Men in Black”, in the 90's, when she was investigating, as journalist, the UFO phenomenons which occurred in the eastern part of San Jose, located in the south of Silicon Valley.

Then, she had noticed that the plate on the serviceman's chest showed a name without any vowel...

The one I met twenty years later, in civilian clothes, supposedly retired from U.S. Army, seemed to be this serviceman...

As for the hidden base I uncovered by chance, I cannot reveal its precise location in this book. I can only say that it is in the hills of this Californian coast...

To finish with the “Remote Viewing”.

In view of the present fashion phenomenon on this new field, creating even a kind of business solely based on the exclusive work by the subject on him/herself, without any mean nor tool other than his/her own mind, it is important to notice that John told me that the servicemen in Montauk experimented it with very real equipment.

Besides, I find it hard to believe that the U.S. Army is content with no use of concrete material.

So, it is more than probable that the use of some specific device(s) made for this purpose, could have increased the results, or opened the door to other reactions..., above and beyond the simple intuition...

They used copper...

A questioning remains often in my mind.
The discussions were so fluent, so obvious, that, in retrospect, being aware of the lack of mastery I have regarding the English language, especially for speaking it, I now doubt the possibility of not having been telepathically helped...

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