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Anyone seen something like this?
(01-26-2022, 05:00 PM)ChaosCrone Wrote:
(01-26-2022, 11:22 AM)delphi_orator Wrote: It is not an out of focus light source. It is 12 plus minutes can tell that the video is legit. Why even comment if you are gonna be a dick... THE BEST CATCH I HAVE EVER SEEN

Thanks! You're awesome like that!!!! And you're right, what he caught was something phenomenal. I mean, maybe the dude thinks that we pointed it at some known light source and zoomed in to make it look weird? I get he is zoomed in the whole time, with no real context to put it in around it, but just friggen look at the object and that it's morphing in and out into the weird looking shit. Our friend was zoomed in on it the whole time, I could see where people would question that part, if he really is zooming in and out, but I know the dude personally for a long time and for me, what he told me about the video I believe him. One dude commented on the video and said, For all I know, it could be a plane headed toward the camera. I'm like WTF??? Really? AN AIRPLANE???? Really hate when stupid people try and make me believe stupid things. Insults my  intelligence. And disclaimer for anyone whose gotten this far in my reply, I am in NOOOOOO way stating this if proof of flying aliens! Geez man! I dont know what that is, nobody does, but it's a brain teaser and gets the juices flowing if you let it...............
Don't have to read much more after morphing.. seen this on every object that appears to be out of place.. looks like a morphing eyeball... Im thinking its some sort of cloak, I saw a drone recently and the same effect was over it.. it come close enough where it glitches a little and you could briefly see the craft and its flashing lights.. they seem to move up and down and side to side almost as if they are following an Arial gps grid.. they have very little noise, come in all sorts of colors.. mainly white, fire, red, gold, and blue..  fire are the closest ones..  its our gov, I'm almost certain.. creating mass histaria is this administrations goal.
That's supposed to be a "Ufo"? Looks like a bunch of horseshit to me. WTF were the alien engineers on when they designed this?

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