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Southern California i need help new here
There has been an aircraft registered to Area 51 landing in the hills and hovering for hours behind my house for weeks. I thought it was strange but now i need real help/collaboration. There is now a light blue light beam type thing (very very light) coming from that same location or coming from the sky. Its very noticeable and strange if you pay attention, very unnoticed at the same time . I wish to try and get to the bottom of this as its literally within a mile from me. I have the aircraft flight path circling and want to know if anyone knows anything. 

It is marked UGLY21 tail number and its a R-4807A.
It came for maybe two weeks and never showed up after around Christmas. 1/9/22 is the night this light beam thing appeared. Notable info here is that Orions belt happened to be right above my house that night too. This is the only place ive posted this info and really hope someone can work with me on understanding what i am observing. 

*I have the area 51 registered chopper flight path picture if anyone needs evidence i guess 
It R-4807A R-4807A

Location : Corona CA

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