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(non-electronic) mechanical film cameras & UFOs
Since spacecraft seem to have impact on electronics, would a completely mechanical film camera (such as Nikon FM) remain fully functioal so as to take photos of the craft?

But even if the camera worked, would the film would be damaged by any rays emanating from the craft? (xrays, radiation, or whatever)?
The problem with capturing craft isn't so much about the technology as it is the attention of the person. Humans don't know how to shield their emotional radiance in those circumstances. The manner in which they draw attention to the fact that they are generating evidence makes it clear they are someone whose evidence needs to be dealt with. But even when it is technology, when you remove the human consciousness from behind the lens you can catch the vehicles. Which you'll see at the end of this lesson.

Oh. Tricks about not having a lot of mental attention on the cameras. Using lots of cameras to diffuse your the radiance on them individually, or setting up just a few that you won't check for an extended period of time. Those are the best ways to divert your focus so your camera has none of your attention on it. Once you aren't mentally drawing any focus to the camera and you know where to set it up:

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