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I just witnessed a huge rectangle shape ufo tonight @21:35pm cst (above Checotah, OK)
I had just gotten into town for a deer hunt that I’ll be on over the next few days. It was at approximately 9:35-9:45pm and I was talking on the phone with a friend about deer hunting when I noticed a huge rectangular shaped object flying west to southwest at a slow speed. This ufo was probably two football fields long and probably 75’-100’ wide. It had no blinking lights. It had a few solid lights underneath but what was captivating was the structure type windows and lights along the side. I would estimate the altitude at 10,000 to 15,000 feet. It’s speed was tricky. Because of the size of this thing it looked as if it was moving very slowly but compared to the air traffic I saw in the vicinity it was a little faster than the two commercial airline flights. This ufo was unbelievably huge. Three to four times the size of a commercial airliner. It was totally dark during this witnessed event. The sky was crystal clear. The wind was minimal 2-4mph but the direction of wind was not known to me. Looking back at this sighting I wonder and doubt that this object was in orbit. Because I’ve seen satellites and the space station pass overhead and by using a app it can tell me when the space station and satellites are passing over head. These man made objects are nothing more than a bright spec in the night sky when we see them pass over head. Ian’s it’s usually a solid non-blinking white light. And you cannot see structure of the space station or satellites from here on earth. But what I saw tonight was huge and I saw definite structure. As I think about it it may have been moving west and using the I-40 highway system. But from my POV I couldn’t tell if it was exactly in line with I-40, but certainly close. Well this is my first report about this subject and I hope I have more and if I do I hope I can learn more about them.

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