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Friend saw a strange UFO that looks like a birthday cake. (SEPA)
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and have joined to ask about an object my friend recently saw over Southeastern Pennsylvania. While he captured drone and cell phone video as well as digital photos he is apprehensive to release the footage. I asked him if I could sketch the photos (attached) and put out some inquiries to see if anyone had similar sightings, in hopes of convincing him to share his images. 

The object is very far away and my friend says it seemed to be around 50m away and he couldn’t estimate it’s size but at least larger than a household refrigerator. What I observed on the videos was the object taking a moderately slow linear path across the sky while slowly (a little faster than the second hand on a clock) rotating on its own center of gravity. While tumbling it doesn’t change direction but appears to flatten out or stretch during certain intervals. Initially we were looking at balloon types but it seems to reason that a balloon would take an erratic path.

Any thoughts are appreciated and thank you for your consideration!

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