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Vertically stacked 3 orange lights stoplight shaped craft
My 2nd only ever sighting was when I was accompanied by one of my friends going out for a smoke when I spotted a silent rather large craft all up in the distance. The outside shape was a translucent sort of white that was just slightly visible on the night sky. The majority of the craft was these 3 glowing orange circular light wells we could see looking up at the craft. All that was visible were the three orange lights on the translucent stoplight shaped craft, and the trippy part was that it was vertically oriented and stacked like shown on the attachment, but travelled horizontally, it looks so unnatural but was moving very very fast like 20x a regular plane and then faded out in the distance. I'd love to know if anyone's ever spotted one of these stoplight/skateboard shaped craft. This occurred on May 15, 2021 in Waterloo Ontario and it was travelling south to southwest.

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