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Top 10 UFO reports on UfoStalker
I do notice that there is no way you can tell quality reports from fake ones or ones that do not have much proof, You have to scroll endlessly in the forum to find good ones. I would propose that people post under this thread the reports that they found on this website and that they do find interesting in terms of evidence. 

I don't know if it makes sense, but im posting the first report that has a quality video
Well... - Variable quality, seems to be what I've seen as and could argue as being birds lit up by terrestrial lights (building/streetlights) - Great video quality, though I could argue that this is just the moon being covered up by a cloud, etc. - The video is grainy and out of focus, and largely that's due to a video app that isn't geared for nightshots or stabilization. - Good video, still all we see is a "blip" in the sky

The question I have is, what is "quality video"?

How can we determine, without an in-person investigation of the person who shot the video, whether or not they're trying to fake something, are misidentifying something, or showing us the genuine article?

So far as I know, the conclusions on these are hidden for a reason. MUFON is especially tight-lipped these days about their reports, simply because of the number of fakers, scammers, and wannabes (not to mention the actually uneducated, the mentally ill, and those who simply don't know what they're looking at)?

The actual fraudsters jumped out of the woodwork with the revelation of AATIP, and started refining their stuff more and more, based on the exact data you want--which were good? Which weren't? And then the good ones, improving upon that.

The 99.9% false positives and the 0.09% questionable/unknown to the 0.01% solidly good reports would be nice, but I'm afraid we're not going to get it.

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