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Phoenix, AZ - White Orb
Definitely saw the same light that the other guy posted from I believe February above safeway. I however did not see it in the same location but it was definitely a UFO

Wasn't a star - Too low for a star, also was clearly moving.
Wasn't a Helo - Too High for our helo's flying here, and just obviously isn't one.
Wasn't a plane - There was a passenger plane taking off on the other side of us, which was about the same distance from us as the orb was.

** When we were leaving i snapped a few pictures, and it seemed to rise in elevation when we were driving you know, as houses and everything started blocking the view of it. It would come back into sight. **


Is it me just thinking this, or is it legitimately them wanting to follow members of MUFON Members who know what their looking for? because i have seen many in my life, but the fact that it showed up one day after downloading everything i could. The timing of it, ehh too coincidental to be a coincidence.


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