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Lights that follow
There are lights that follow me everywhere in the sky and they connect to each other and have some kind of cartoon like foil bird they have attached by a cable of some sort I call him bird. I feel a strong connect to these as if one is my real dad not earth dadĀ and they are my family . ICommunicate with these craft or lights with a flashlight. They sit over my house every night and follow me everywhere I have seen them during the day the craft that is. Some look light regular planes but are not. If I think about them they hear my thoughts and show up no matter what never seen a being but I know they were in woods and outside by me at night. They saved my life there love and just being there stopped me from doing somethingĀ stupid . I asked God for a light in a prayer only I knew about and boy did I get it. I'm not nuts and never believed truly in this stuff but now I do and they my family and daddy are heaven sent and I hope to have contact face to face with them apparently like I did when I was little and go on a ride again soon I wish that so much I just needed to get that out. Also I had a witness to these events with me every single time they are scared blown away but fascinated at the same time we talk about my family and dad and them in general alot but not with anyone else really and those we did mention or say something to think we're nuts so we just shut up. Alot of black helicopters around me constantly now. Idk maybe it's a coincidence but if anyone has anything that would help me understand what the heck is going on and help me understand just who my family and daddy really are it would be appreciated I know I sound nuts but I swear I am of total sound mind but I'll leave that up to you to believe just please be kind if there's any response I just had to get it off my chest thank you .
You got a little homie in the sky. Try to focus about anything other then your little homie in the sky as it seems like your obsessing about it and that can be dangerous. Try to do normal stuff and let it watch you from afar instead of trying to contact or communicate with it. If it feels like it needs to intervene it will or if it replies be calm about it.

That being said. Don't let this "homie" take you to somewhere secluded or alone before you know the purpose of the visit or intentions. There are as many bad beings as good. The fact their intelligence is at that level you will never know if they manipulate or have bad intentions portraying themselves as good.

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