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Possible UFO Melbourne Australia 10/06/2021
I was doing my usual thing at home and went outside for a smoke & noticed this? Possible UFO?

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Hi, to understand or understand if you can deal with a UFO, you need to have the essential data or information information. What did you realize with? Are there any original photos? Where you were (place, province, status), timetable and photo shooting date. You saw through the vegetation or the object was in the sky? It seems to me something bright that is among the shrubs, at stretches out of focus and at times focused, the contours of the object could be, as I said both shrubs or something capable of being illuminated by the light of the object itself. At what elevation the object was found? In what direction is the object, compared to the cardinal points and how long does the observation last? Without these elements, it could be anything, even an artifact.
LTPA OBSERVER PROJECT- First Italian Scientific Project that deals with the study of transient luminous phenomena of atmospheric origin. Since 2007.
Possible many things far from ufo. As the images are too bad its not worth looking into.

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