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Sightings near March AFB (MO) 8/2010-2012
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to connect with anyone here who's witnessed lights near March Airforce Base, sometime in August of either 2010 or 2012 (I don't recall). At the time I lived in the country, in Sedalia, MO, and I ended up calling 911 to report the sighting. However, today without the exact date, the sheriff's department would have too much data to search. I was wondering if anyone here was in the area at that time, and saw anything. The 911 dispatch at that time, said that they were receiving multiple calls about sightings in my area.
I lived very close to the AF base, and I was accustomed to seeing their various aircrafts. I've had B52 Bombers fly right over my car on the hwy... The big light I saw that night, wasn't behaving like an aircraft of any kind that I had seen from the base... (or ever).
Why would you call the police? The UFO is just flying minding its own business. I wonder if some UFOs have artificial intelligence. What did the lights look like? Shape, Color, etc.

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