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Hi folks
Hi I'm Allen and I signed up today. I live in London UK, and I have some interesting photos to share here. I have witnessed sightings of aerial phenomena events since I was ten.
So anyway, here are these photos taken with my mobile near where I live.
The date of the sighting is 11/26/2016. It was around 6:30 pm.
The Sighting.
I state that even the night before, I had seen some flashes entering and exiting the clouds, but since there are a couple of airports in the area, I did not give weight to it. Instead the following evening; I was almost close to the bus stop, and suddenly in front of my eyes; a first light appeared, and it was motionless on itself. After a few seconds the second appeared, and then the third below the other two, but in perfect line. The U.F.O.'s stayed in the night sky for about 2/3 minutes. After how they appeared they vanished, but two reappeared a few minutes later in formation as they flew in the other direction.
They also reappeared a couple of nights later, but they were really fast and I didn't have time to photograph them. 
Since that evening I have seen other objects and glows in the sky above my house. I add that I moved to this area a few months before I took these photos. And when it became evening, I always had the impression or the feeling that something was in that moment in the sky, but I could not see it. 

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This I believe is actual encounter. The way you describe it if your not bullshitting is believable.

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