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Recording equiptment recommendations
Hey peeps, 
I live in SO Oregon and have a mt peak close to my house. It's 1500ft above the town I live in and can see for many miles. I plan on hiking up and staying overnight many nights this summer. I've only been up in the daytime and I use some 1000yd Binoculars. It's fun to see birds and then quickly scope them with binoculars. I've seen some binoculars with cameras but some do not work well at night. I've also seen many night-vision scopes but they only work at night and have a short range. Also some can only view with screen only so it always has to have power. I would really love to use it as a binocular or Monocular, as a handheld, without any powered digital screens until I'm ready to record (most ideally in 1 click) and to also have them function well in both day and night situations with a long range. Any recommendations would be great!
There are binoculars with stabilization technology to make the image more clear.
I am also interested in this. Does anyone have links that they can drop of this kind of Binocular? I would hate to go hunting for UAP's and then end up with a blurry, terrible looking video quality or image.
No equipment available to the casual observer (or even the more serious of you) today is able to document anything definitively. I say what's needed is a small, fast and capable drone that can be deployed quickly to track, chase and document these objects in the sky.

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