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Strange lights in North Yorkshire
Greetings, my name is Nick. I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was very young. I live in Pickering, North Yorkshire. I saw a red light hanging in the sky for around ten to fifteen seconds one night back in 2001. Me and my Dad were coming back from Malton to Pickering around ten o'clock at night,  this was August, late summer. We were around twenty seconds from coming up to the turnoff to Kirkby Misperton when we saw this red light in the pitch black sky around five miles to our right. It was far away, looked like it was just off tree line height. It made no sound, it hung there. We checked to see if it was a reflection from any of the lights from inside the car. It wasn't. We got nearer to the turnoff and the Beansheaf garage opposite it when the light just vanished. We kept looking after passing the garage and it did not reappear. 
In 2019, I went to put some curtains up in our new house in my bedroom. It was around seven in the evening, late July, the sky had the mixture of daylight with the evening dark coming. I walked towards the window with the curtains when I saw this white dot with two lines flashing on both it's left and right hand sides twice. As if it was communicating. It was very quick. Lasted about three seconds. Then it vanished. I froze for a few seconds, what was that I saw? No sounds. It was hard to say how far away it was but it was above the streetlight in the street behind the row of houses that are behind my garden. 
I have seen jets fly just above trees near me, I have seen a Chinook helicopter fly low over my head. I have seen planes fly at night with the stars out. I have seen many birds flying. But I can't say for sure what those two lights were.

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