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South Australia - long line of lights
8:30 pm, Sat 20 March 2021, Tennyson beach, South Australia. Clear dark sky.

Looking up East of the Southern cross kite we saw 3 lights in a line, moving NE at a speed way faster than a plane could at that height.

Then another appeared at the SW (SC kite) end of the line as the first light disappeared NE, but not fading into the distance with fading light, just reaching a point and disappearing. 

Then another appeared at the SW end and the line of 3 or 4 max was moving NE, the furthest one disappearing again, then another coming in at the SW tail.

This repeated over and over with one appearing every SW 3 or 4 seconds for maybe 2 minutes, each new light seeming to fade into view, like it was perhaps rapidly dropping from altitude, then quickly disappearing at the other end of the line. Didn’t seem to be cloudy. Checked weather map - no clouds shown at any height.

Overall similar maybe to seeing a short line of planes from underneath lining up to land (or flying in line formation) but way up high, close together and moving much faster.

Must have seen 30+ in total, then the last one appeared after a longer time gap, like it was covering the tail end, or a straggler...

Truly astounding to watch!

Ok. Disappointed. :-(

Just found this ...;3

8:31 pm, 21 Mar 2021
Starlink-20, BRIGHT (2.5) for 5 mins
Look from SOUTHWEST (231°) to NORTHEAST (26°)
Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 66°, end: 33°
Starlink sats have caused a flurry of reports. I've yet to see a train of them, but I have seen Chinese Yaogan-31 "triplet" satellites in a telescope - that was a little weird at first.

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