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My 3 sightings
My first sighting was 1997 the Phoenix Lights.  I'm currently on the show, UFO WITNESS on the Discovery Plus channel Season 1, Episode 5 "The Mothership Returns."  Much of my description was cut.  the left wing of the craft was about 30 feet over my head.  I could see right into the light closest to me.  It was a tube. About a foot or so into the tube was another tube, silver in color and about 2-3 inches thick.  Out of the tube what looked like lava flowed out.  It fell about 6 feet like a very thick liquid. It was Orange Crush in color.  In some places it would thin out and become more yellow.  All glowing like molten lava.  After it fell about 6 feet it would stop and drop back up into the tube.  It wasn't like it was sucked back up, but looked like it fell up.  As lava spurting into the air reaches it's maximum point then falls back down, this fell back up!  I was afraid I'd be burned as I was so close, but no heat, no sound, no wind, no smell.  There was a street light by me and I could clearly see the bottom of the craft.  it was gun metal grey with thousands of indentations that were oval shape.  As the craft passed overhead it was followed by a colorful glowing mist. The mist had no odor nor did I feel droplets from it.  I was about 30 feet from the craft.

About 2010 I was driving to Sedona to hike with some friends.  I got there early about 0400 in the morning where we were meeting by Bell Rock in the Village of Oak Creek.  I pulled into the parking lot driving fast.  I backed my truck into the spot facing the rest rooms.  As I looked out the windshield with the lights on I saw three beings.  one was about 5.5 feet and two smaller ones in front of it, about 3 feet tall.  It was like "mom and the kids."   A grey suit head to toe that reflected just a bit of my head lights shining on them from about 20 feet away. They were plump like gingerbread men in shape.  Over where the face was it was like Ramen Noodles.  Woven grey metal where the face would be.  It was a slightly lighter grey color than the suit.  There was an edging around where the woven metal/fabric attached to the rest of the suit.  I stared at them, they stared at me.  After a few moments the two smaller ones at the same time turned to their right.  When they were sideways they looked like they were an inch thick or maybe half an inch.  They walked off like stick people would.  They bet at knees and elbows as a human would bend.  The larger one stayed still watching me.  I pulled out quickly and left the parking lot. I didn't see any craft and didn't stay round to look for one.  They did not seem threatening to me but at the same time didn't seem welcoming either.   My feeling is that the suit might have an illusion to appear super thin to cloak the beings.  Had they been standing sideways when I pulled in and their appearance so think I'd never have noticed them with the weeds behind them.

A few years later again during the night I was driving down I-17 in Arizona.  It was about 0200 am and I was tired.  I thought I'd pull over to a place I would hike.  It was on Dugas Ormy road by Mayer Arizona.  Just to the West of the freeway about a mile or so.  I've been to that area many times, there is a special feeling I get there and enjoy spending time on the land.  There are free range cows roaming around.  It was a super bright full moon.  I pulled off the dirt road onto a smaller dirt road and parked with the windows down.  I had planned to take a nap but being so isolated there with no one around I decided to drive a few miles down I-70 and maybe park by the McDonalds there and feel safer.  I was enjoying the full moon in my mirror and eating pistachios tossing the shells out the window. Everything was well lit with the bright full moon.  I saw a being walk about 6 feet behind my truck.  It was about 8 feet tall, walked on two legs.  It was super skinny, unnaturally skinny.  The elbows where lower than where a human's should be, like by it's waist. The neck was about a foot long and rather than being on top of the shoulders as ours is it was sticking more forward.  The head was oval shaped and it looked like it had a 4 foot beard that came to a point.  It walked like it was struggling to walk, like if you were walking in a swimming pool with resistance.  it's large head was pointing down, like it was sad, or watching the road closely where it was stepping.  I could only see the silhouette as it was night and the bright full moon behind it.  It stopped when it got behind my truck, it slightly turned it's body towards me to look but more so turned it's long neck towards me.  I was frantically trying to roll up the windows but the truck was off and they wouldn't budge.  In my mind I thought "it looks hungry, I look tasty it's all over for me."  To roll up the windows I'd have to have started the truck and it would know I was in there.  I had my key ready to turn and waited to see what it's next move would be.  That weird neck turned back and it went on walking by.  I then started the truck, locked the doors rolled up the windows and took off.

A few years later I reported this to Mufon.  The guy I talked to, Russ, said it may not have been a beard but more of an insect snout.  All that time I thought I saw a super skinny Bigfoot, he suggested it might be an insect being alien.    It did bend it's neck like an insect could.  What ever it was that was the last time I went out in Arizona at night.   I'm grateful for my three experiences but I think I've seen enough.  I was never threatened by my three encounters but maybe I'm just lucky.  I know there are beings from somewhere else out there.  Now I have many more questions I'd love to know the truth.   Has anyone else seen beings like these? DAVIDP111@AOL.COM
Interesting story. 
I have been observing objects for many years. It has already become a hobby.
Thank you for sharing this David. I live just south of Tonto National Forest in Apache Junction not far from the Superstition Mountains. I hear Weaver's Needle is a frequent siteing zone but, unlke yourself I have not had the fortune of a single encounter. Wish me luck, I work nights.
I hope you get to have a close encounter. Mine have changed my life and for the better. I've been a lot more open minded and my friends have noticed I give the other guy a break more often. I drive slower, give people more consideration and am a lot less judgmental. I'd like to attend some Mufon events but still work every weekend so can't make the meetings, but, someday, I'd like to get to meet some other people that are open to ufo discussion. Looking forward to the Pentagon's report to the Senate, but also, cautions what will be shared with the rest of us. I know what I have seen is not from this planet.

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