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UFO Sighting 5/19/2008 Surry Nuclear Power Station
With all of the current interest in UFOs surveilling our military installations and nuclear facilities I thought I'd re-post my own experience from 2008.

On May 19, 2008, about midday, I was bicycling on the Colonial Parkway near Williamsburg, Virginia. I was about a mile east of the Jamestown Settlement and nearing the Back River when I saw something unusual up ahead. It appeared to be a charcoal colored rectangle with rounded edges just above the treeline. It was a very breezy day and I had the wind at my back. At first I thought it was a very large kite being flown from one of the beaches. But it wasn't bobbing or weaving and appeared to be steady. As I pedaled eastward the object grew in size. That's when I noticed three or four black, horizontal parallel lines on the object's surface. I also realized that this object was huge. It was no kite. But at this point the trees began to obscure my view and I lost sight of it.

I kept cycling and when I reached an open area I looked south and saw an enormous, silvery, highly reflective craft heading straight for the Surry Nuclear Power Station on the bluffs on the opposite shore of the James River. At the time I couldn't be sure if I was seeing its tail end or one of its sides. It seemed to almost jump the two miles across the river. It came to a stop just below the bluffs and hovered above the water near the shore.

By this time I was very excited. I dismounted and pushed my bike as close to the water's edge as I could. The tall grass impeded my progress. When I got to the river bank I set my bike down, took off my helmet and just watched in amazement. I couldn't be sure of its size, but using the power station's containment domes as a guide I estimate the craft was at least 200 feet long and perhaps bigger than that. It appeared to be shaped like a somewhat flattened football. It was hovering and rocking on its long axis a bit like a small boat on a current.

I checked the time. It was a few minutes past noon. It was cloudless and the sun was very bright. The craft was so shiny that when I took off my sunglasses I had to squint. I don't know if it was shiny because of the sunlight reflecting off of its surface or if it was because of an internal light source. I watched it like this for at least 5 minutes. As I watched it dawned on me that things didn't feel quite right. Everything seemed strangely quiet. There were no birds in the air. In the springtime the eagles and other birds are always out hunting for food, but at this moment they were nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately, it was 2008 and I didn't yet have a cell phone so I had no way of recording my sighting. I desperately wanted to take a photo of it. That's when a very strange thing happened. It was as if a voice in my head said, "Go home. Get your camera." It wasn't even like it was my own thought. I knew it would take me at least 20 minutes to rush home and get my camera and another 10 to get back in my car. But the 'voice' was very insistent. Almost in a daze I turned away from the river and hurried home. But, it was just as I expected. By the time I made it back the craft was gone.

I'll end here. But I will add one final note. I contacted everyone I could think of to report this event. The responses I received are fascinating in their own right. They would take up another page or more. If anyone is interested in this let me know and I'll give you a blow-by-blow of my efforts.

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