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Share your story
(10-21-2021, 06:07 AM)paranormologygirl Wrote: Hello Everyone, 

My name is Kristen. I have been fascinated with the paranormal since I was a child. My favorite topics of interest are UFO’s and ET’s. I recently decided to start a podcast and I would love the opportunity to interview and share stories from like minded people. Feel free to message me or respond to this thread. 



Welp if your serious and still willing i would be interested. Ive seen dozens of craft from different ranges and height's. Closest being 100' over my head the craft was about 150' across. Also I have had multiple face to face encounters with different... for lack of better wording E.T races 4 different kinds to be exact. I do have a few questions like the format of the podcast.... and does it have to be a facial interview or can it be just voice... The reason im asking is because im still recovering from cancer and one day i could be all rainbows and sunshine and the next well as shrek would say "I'M AN OGRE" lol. Ive seen things that a normal human being would probably commit themselves over and trust me that thought had crossed my mind till my wife seen one with me and my children started telling me their own stories. 
 I have my own opinions to sertian things why people who see these beings also see GHost's and Shadow beings and the likes. Any ways let me know if your interested. Plus if you go look on the thread i cant unsee I described an experience i had about 5 years ago.

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