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I have seen being in my room
Yes, they came at first as smoke or fog. I talked to the fog (don't ask it seemed like the right thing to do) and it produced more suddenly right next to me. They showed me images of what I can only put as the Holy Bibles "Rapture", they depicted every moment for me from a man who looked like Jesus to a vessel in the sky, spirits boarding it and zooming off to space.

This was either the rapture event or misleading to gain my agreement. I sillyly asked to go with them, fog slowly consumed my city Albuquerque, than they came at night. I noticed because I felt my body vibrating. I realized this is them trying to pull me from my body and they had a tool to do it. I have almost mastered Astral projecting and vibrations while my spirit leaves my body is a good sign. Nonetheless, I saw they had a box suspended above my bed and they telepathically told me "its okay and this box is no concern, lie down and we're going to help you."
There were 3 of them, one was a boy looking, young, curious. We closely examined eachother. They are about 6 inches in height and have arms, legs, and a head. They are human like but tiny!

We failed and I told them I give up and need to go to sleep. I have to say that this leaves me constantly worried that I missed an opportunity and that I have sinned somewhere so badly that I cannot leave my body any more, but on the flip side; it was possibly baptism by my grandfather (makeshift in the tub) that saved me. Either way it weighs on me. I seen them collect the dead and send them off. Was it all a rouse? Anyone else had any interactions with them? They do seem nice. They hate light, I used my phone to try to get light and help them but they jumped to the floor screaming lol. Thoughts on all this? It weighs deeply on my soul. I can see them at any moment now, in the sky. Lights that look like stars.

They also had a triangle ship. I seen a dragon in the sky like in space for the whole duration of the storm that took down Texas power in 02/2021 around Valentines Day. I try to reason all of this but i only end in despair. Good luck peeps and stay safe! If it were the lord, he'd just will me out of my body. He wouldn't need tools, right?

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