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A Fundamental Explanation for UAPs
Thank you for sharing. I think it's brilliant, especially the bit about lensing. It definitely makes sense and would explain quite a few descriptions that witnesses discuss.

I too was a long time skeptic, but I always keep an open mind. It's hard to believe something when scientists dismiss it. But I also understand why they would, either they know and have to be secret, or they don't know and not going to put their career on the line.

I didn't get the news about the tic tac, and other footage till a few months ago. I've been under a rock I guess. After seeing the videos authenticated by the Pentagon, I started to look at everything with new eyes. When the Pentagon said it's not a hoax, and the radar detected the object dropping to sea level in less than a second - I instantly changed my entire world view. Can't wait to see what's next.

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