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UFO Stalker Map Improvement Requests / Bug Reports
You can shift click to open sightings in a new tab again, but the "Remember Last Location" checkbox will always bring you back to the last place you were, but you do you.

The map always opens on the latest sighting unless you've clicked the "Remember Last Location" checkbox. Your location has no bearing.

There are several TBs of photo and video data (even compressed and cached). This is a one person operation and the costs are just too high to bring the gallery back.

Accounts will be collapsing down to the core UFO Stalker account soon.

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Avoid Lens glare pics - by kamathln - 02-19-2021, 10:19 AM
RE: UFO Stalker Map Improvement Requests / Bug Reports - by skitzo - 04-02-2022, 07:02 AM

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