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(03-27-2021, 01:31 PM)Fortean Researcher Wrote:
(03-15-2021, 11:10 PM)Rmks231 Wrote: Hi, Very New Here..Just wondering does anyone know if UFO's and Bigfoot are related somehow? Such as why orbits appear when Bigfoot is seen at times. Why Bigfoot can disappear (or seem to) at times? Anyone have any ideas..Also, the Military knows about Bigfoot as well as UFOs and keeps both from people at times.

Bigfoot has been a hard sell for me. I've been a paranormal investigator for about 16 years now so I am familiar with the varying stories. More recently we are now hearing about bigfoot sightings tied to lights, or orbs sighted in the same vicinity. I used to spend an embarrassing amount of time researching sightings on my own. All of these people who don't know another do mention very similar things such as the pungent smell, banging of sticks against trees, the guttural type of noise ect. Is he alien? I have fancied the idea that if there is a sasquatch and we are so sparce on DNA proof or the like as we have not crossed a deceased carcass. Is he passing through portals in and out of this dimension? The theories combined with bigfoot can lead you to believe he's related to alien life yet the reported encounters can draw a picture of something closer to home, very primitive. You do pose a good question and hopefully we will someday have these answers. If you've ever met someone who has seen one, they appear to be very valid stories and they are people who previously thought cryptids were fictitious. We keep searching nevertheless. I read someone saying aliens are usually hairless, that also made me think for a bit. We do seem to have a body of reports which begin to draw us the profile of aliens commonly encountered so to your defense, perhaps aliens have also genetically modified animals as well and we are not allowed to have all of these answers. I do not think we can rule your suggestion out at all. It may not be the bigfoot we think about from media but something very similar. Great question! You made me think more on this subject this morning.

I have read that a guy in MT. shot one and the FBI came and got the body. I have seen a man who was in the Military and said they were told that if they come across Bigfoot, not to go near him, as it has killed a person or 2. I read the Russian Army killed one years ago thinking it was the enemy. Although I have never seen Bigfoot, I do believe it exists, I have seen a UFO, though.

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