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Strange photo
(03-15-2021, 03:47 AM)johnnysmashum Wrote: Hello everyone I'm new here! My ring video doorbell recently recorded what appears to be some sort of alien craft and a portal that appeared a few moments later. I have tried uploading the images to the Mufon site but no luck. Here's a still image of the portal opening with what appears to be something standing in front. Any suggestions to what it can be. Look to the left when you enlarge image. It was taken in my back yard by the video camera. Which strangely started flicking.
I blew this photo up and I've been looking at it very carefully. I am afraid I am not sure what you want us to see, like the other person asked ... what are we supposed to be looking at? This photo looks like a normal capture. I really studied this for a little bit and feel like I must be missing something? Let us know where we should be looking and why this photo differentiates from others taken on your ring.

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