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Arizona Underground Government facility found...and 8 foot insect like being sighted
I've not been a UFO person until lately when first learning of Mufon a few years back.  Brief UFO history, my grandfather was in the newspaper in 1919 seeing a cigar shaped craft flying over the trees, my Dad was part of the Roswell cleanup when he was in the Army in 1947, I saw the Phoenix Lights in 1997 it flew over my head by 30 feet. (I'm on UFO Witness episode 5 on Discovery Plus)....then this...

2015 I was taking a trip through northern Az (I live in Phoenix) hiking taking pictures enjoying nature.  One place it was late I decided to park for a few hours or spend the night in my truck.  I had the truck turned off, window down eating pistachios tossing the shells out of the window.  Huge full moon in the sky behind me, I was looking at it in my outside rear view mirror, it was full so bright I could read at 2 am.  Then this being walked from my left to my right, about 4-6 feet behind the tail of my truck.  It stopped and looked at me.   It was about 8 feet tall, very very skinny, long arms with the elbow lower than ours would be, neck about a foot long pointing forward a bit, oval head and what looked like a 4 foot tube extending from the jaw down forward, almost like a very long beard coming to a point.  The moon was behind it so I saw it in silhouette.  It walked very slowly, like it was struggling to move, like when in a pool and trying to walk through water.  I tried to roll up my window but the truck was off.  Slowly it slightly turned it's shoulders towards me and that long freakish neck turned like an insect's would, the face looking right at me. I thought that was it, I'm dead.  It looked so skinny I figured it was hungry.  I had my hand on the keys, if it came towards me I'd turn the truck on, roll up the window and take off.  The head turned back forward and it walked on.   I waited a minute started the truck and took off.

4 months later I decided to go back but in the day time.  I found the exact spot as I located the pile of pistachio shells I had tossed out the window.  Nothing there but dirt and desert.  No buildings for miles, all dirt roads.  I traveled around the area since I was there, did a bit of hiking then came upon a place and parked.  Looked like an old crash site, hole in the ground, big rocks all burned, bushes growing in it so what ever happened there happened a long time ago.  I noticed I heard digging sounds, like heavy machinery, trucks backing  up and making the beep beep. sound, engines struggling, like a lot of them but there was nothing around me for miles, just desert.  I drove around a bit to see where the sound was coming from but I was all alone out there, went back to that spot and could clearly hear lots of trucks busy at work, like major digging construction machines.  I then got on my knees and put my ear to the ground, the digging sound was coming from underground.

I thought that was odd, nothing around that would identify that area for construction, out in the desert on a very simple road, saw no one pass by at all.  Then I noticed out in the desert two big white shiny pick up trucks facing me, windows were black.  Seemed to appear out of no where, then behind me were two more. It was just me, the 4 trucks and a lot of people digging under me.  I got concerned, got back in my truck and left.  After a bit I slowed down, no one following me I drove till I got to the next road.   There was an underpass to the road to go north I take a right, to go south go under the underpass and take a left.  At both exits were the same big white pick up trucks, the glass tinted black waiting.  Which ever way I turned one of them would be behind me.  I headed south, the truck behind me immediately took off after me, the other truck turned around and followed.  The truck was rightt on my bumper, it was so large I couldn't see in it's window but it was tinted so dark I'd not seen anyone driving anyway.  I was going 90 miles an hour, as it was right on my tail the other one tried to overtake me, I was weaving between two lanes to keep it from passing, as I'd go into the left lane to block the second truck the one behind me tried to pass me on my right.  this went on for miles until there was an exit with a few shops there, I took that exit, both trucks slowed, did a U turn and retired back.

I knew they had my license plate, I figured I was dead, I uncovered something they didn't want found.  I went home and just waited for a knock on the door or to be shot or whatever, nothing happened, I got no contact, no warning, nothing.   I was afraid to tell my friends as they might be incriminated, too.  Years passed and nothing happened.  It's been 7 years now, I've never gone back to either location but they were about 4 miles apart, seeing that thing walking and where I heard the digging underground and very earthly trucks trying to run me off the road.   Is there a connection??  I don't know, I stopped going out into the desert from then on.  I did have another experience 10 years prior with 3 beings that were in 'space suits' that when they turned sideways looked to be 1/2 inch wide (camouflage by the suits??).   

Anyone have some ideas about the thing I saw?  Of the two sightings I've had with beings neither time did they hurt me but just the same they didn't welcome me, I'm grateful for that.  I've only attend 2 UFO events in my life, Looking forward to retiring soon and getting to meet others with this interest.  I'd love some answers...I guess we all would.

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Arizona Underground Government facility found...and 8 foot insect like being sighted - by David - 07-17-2022, 10:52 PM

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