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Map is empty No Videos No.Photos
(03-26-2022, 11:21 AM)Ken Lloyd Wrote: This morning I noticed on the UFO Tracker 
The map is showing nothing .
This includes reports with past and current Ufo reports. 
What's happening. 
As I read other threads. 
People here are complaining regarding 
This problem.
Hopefully someone will someday 
someone will fix this.

 hey mate if getting 403 erroir still the fix i found (can watch
my live stream how to do it. see avatar for name of channel )
install fiximg extension

although i just checked and not all are showing
just blank spaces but fixes some like
my fix worked best from gallery as it loaded the images
differently and stored in cache so it had a chance to work

but they have removed the nice page sigh

Paul. Bsc Computer science

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Map is empty No Videos No.Photos - by Ken Lloyd - 03-26-2022, 11:21 AM
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