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We are all Contained
The energy is great when they are close.. You feel like superman ?‍♂️... The water around you evaporates, and they have no problem at all hacking your devices extremely quickly and getting to your thoughts.. radiation must be high, magnetic field is flipped.. Tunnel effect is in play.. smells like smoldering flesh.. The moon the stars the clouds the sun down to the insects.. everything appears to be evolving at an unbelievable pace.. we are contained within domes drivin by the latest technology.. Information I care nothing about appears as a vision in my head.. It hasn't stopped since July 2020.. where ever I go they are there, and if they are not they will be within a few minutes.. 1st and 4th pic are of the moon.. 1st and 4th both taken at 6:44 pm 
2nd pic of the moon taken at 6:33 pm. These are artificial suns and moons.. you don't have to believe me.. but you got eyes ? right.. no pic have been altered on any way other than shrinking them down to hit the under 500kb limit..

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We are all Contained - by Teebagn - 03-10-2022, 04:56 AM
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