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Anyone seen something like this?
(04-06-2022, 06:24 AM)aroseb Wrote:
(01-11-2022, 02:27 PM)ChaosCrone Wrote:

This was taken in early October 2021 by a friend of ours. We were camping about 5 miles away and were seeing the same thing. I have video of that too, but I was filming on my phone and was taking a crash course while filming on how to use the zoom on it. His video is zoomed in way more and catch's a lot! Listen to his reactions thru the video. This was taken in Frazier Park, Ca in the mountains about 9 at night.
Hi! I have compiled hundreds of ufo stalker/mufon reports with videos and pics that document and describe orbs very similar to yours. I stepped back for awhile because it got to be an obsession. This forum did not yet exist. I just thought hey, I’m going to check out what’s new at mufon! I saw your post, registered, and finally a conversation about these amazing sitings is possible.  These things aren’t the popular type of ufo.  What most of the orbs have in common are random pulsating (big then small with no seeming pattern in time), rotation, the wispy  fabric- like texture, black bands that move across the face of it, often a tan color or brights colors, and stunned viewers who capture amazing videos. Whatever these things are, the aren’t what people normally call ufos. I have often thought of putting my findings in order and heading up to the astrophysics department at the university here to ask for an explanation. They are truly extraordinary and beautiful but kinda scary too. I have wondered if they have to do with solar kites, radio frequency anomalies, asteroids, space junk, ultrasonic vehicles, even the second coming of Christ…. I have never seen one in real life, not yet!
aroseb - I read that you have compiled hundreds of videos/reports, so I wanted to know what you thought of a report I submitted recently.  Please search for this report from Ohio. (I was unable to attach the video).

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