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UFO Hunting
Hi all, 

Need some advice in regards to equipment/devices to get to start filming the sky at night. 
Not exactly flush with cash atm so I’m only using my iPhone & a couple of body cams. 
To date there have been three occasions I've seen something in the skies, the last occasion was last month, which I’ve reported to Mufon. 
The first time was in 98 and was a dull grey star that suddenly went bright then dull grey again, moving slowly over the North Sea. 
The second occasion was around 2002, I was waiting for my mate outside his house in a car. 
Needing a smoke I stepped out and saw what I thought was a satellite moving but then it stopped dead for a few moments before shooting upwards, gaining speed the higher it got until it got so far away I couldn’t see it.
The third occasion as I said was last month, I saw orange red light in sky that faded out, with a second appearing to the left of where the first one was, moving to the right while fading out itself. 
I have no proof whatsoever so I want to get this on film if I can. 
So does anyone have any advice on something I can get on budget so I can film these please??

All the best 


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