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Taken from my bed
(03-07-2022, 06:59 AM)Drq3 Wrote: When you vibrate, your being pulled from your body. When I voluntarily would seek an OBE, this vibration is a true sign of being released and once your out, it stops. Unless you fight, you go right back! I have had physically experienced this and woke to our world with 3 beings using a tool to pry me from my body. There is a whole story on why this happened. Ask if you'd like to know. Abduction is 99% what your looking at.

Yeah, I'd like to know,  because in the last 6 months I had a paralysis experience that included like vibration.... ever watch The Flash? When the surroundings would have like a buzz, due to crossing dimensions or different frequency... and I heard male voice sounding angry and felt like I was being pulled off of my bed... my body became hot especially where my leg touched the bed.... and I had this feeling that I needed to fight this or else it wouldn't be good. And I called Yeshua... with my mind because I couldn't move my mouth even.

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