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Feb 2004 UFO sighting in VA
(12-21-2021, 05:39 PM)galaxygyrl Wrote: Should have reported this and have tried to figure it out since 2004. My husband and I were hanging out when we first started dating on a blanket on the bank of Kerr Lake in Boydton, Virginia looking at the stars. We watched what looked like a star darting and racing around the sky for over an hour. It was moving at an extremely high rate of speed and made stops and turns that were impossible for an aircraft from earth to make. It moved erratically...and reminded me of the movements that a black water bug makes at the lake. Very strange. We both saw this for over an hour. We would lose sight of it and then it would appear again. The distance that it would travel and the speed seemed impossible. Has anyone else seen something like this? Anyone else witnessed a UFO in southern VA/northern NC?

The same thing happened with my dad and me wayyyy back in August 1979 during the Perseid meteor shower. We were camping at Kerr Lake, and stayed up all night on the beach to watch the meteor shower. We saw what looked like a star darting and racing around the sky. It did it all night long. We watched until the sun came up and we could see it no longer. It was amazing!!!! That was my first UFO experience and the reason I've had a burning desire to follow the truth. What we watched was not a star, nor possible with the technology back then. You don't know how happy I was to see your post. Sounds like we've "met" some mutual friends.

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