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Black helicopters
Also why Everytime I go anywhere I see black helicopters flying all close to me always Everytime I go out also over my apt right out my windows wtf is up with that or am I tripping I'm not even looking for em they just are there loud sometimes and quiet wtf I'm pretty sure I'm not going crazy I even went to a head Dr and they think I've had encounters or whatever it was weird I just stopped going cause all the Dr cared about was my abilities and these things I see like interested in not like your crazy let me get to the bottom of this but like privately interested would even call me atidnight and shit to see if I seen anything or had any info I mean what is this stuff all about it's creeping me out if I knew what it was exactly I wouldn't be creeped out but why would a Dr be like that I am open to hear I'm nuts at least I would know then

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