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Black helicopters
(10-12-2021, 04:37 AM)VickiLynn Wrote: Also why Everytime I go anywhere I see black helicopters flying all close to me always Everytime I go out also over my apt right out my windows wtf is up with that or am I tripping I'm not even looking for em they just are there loud sometimes and quiet wtf I'm pretty sure I'm not going crazy I even went to a head Dr and they think I've had encounters or whatever it was weird I just stopped going cause all the Dr cared about was my abilities and these things I see like interested in not like your crazy let me get to the bottom of this but like privately interested would even call me atidnight and shit to see if I seen anything or had any info I mean what is this stuff all about it's creeping me out if I knew what it was exactly I wouldn't be creeped out but why would a Dr be like that I am open to hear I'm nuts at least I would know then

Hi Vicki

I hope that you are feeling better. 

You know what i think... i think that they're feeding off of your fear, confusion, irritation, the crazy feelings...

If somehow you could change the way that you think of what you're experiencing, perhaps the harassment will be less. 

Ultimately, you have the authority... take your power back within by accepting what you can't change and refrain from feeling unhinged if you could... i know that you can.

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