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(10-12-2021, 04:00 AM)VickiLynn Wrote: I just need some kind of explanation because I know I don't belong here it just don't feel like home I miss somewhere I don't remember I swear I'm mentally sound it's hard for me to believe and I believe some of my family are among us if your one of them I'm ready to know the truth no matter what it may be or how bad it may hurt I need your help because I'm kinda feeling lost.

In current time humans call us "starseed." Search for the term. You'll find a lot of false information, but you'll discern what's right for a basic concept. This is one of our four forms.

In times past we each were individually TuathDe. Each of our races of people was TuathDe. Our races collectively were the TuathaDe. When you search the original lore we passed down through Ireland, you'll find your peace.

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