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Just wondering if someone can confirm that some of the craft they fly in look similar or almost identical to our jets in America like the ones with the red tail fin. Also seen some black jets with like a dragon tail that hovers and goes backwards. I'm also followed by lights and believe I've seen my child in what was a dream but I know it wasn't I went to my planet and these lights following me are my family I communicate thru telepathy sometimes but that's hard for me to believe and also by flash light if anyone can tell me that I'm not crazy or crazy I just need some kind of explanation because I know I don't belong here it just don't feel like home I miss somewhere I don't remember I swear I'm mentally sound it's hard for me to believe and I believe some of my family are among us if your one of them I'm ready to know the truth no matter what it may be or how bad it may hurt I need your help because I'm kinda feeling lost . I swear I'm not nuts I'm just a regular person I think I also have a sketch I drew of my son who lives not on earth I couldn't get it outta my mind and I suck at drawing but almost felt like I was channeling something and I drew him it's the absolute best I've ever drew anything so this has to mean something cause I can't draw a stick person barely thanks for reading I'm just at a point I just need to know what's going on and what I'm supposed to do now I feel something I just cannot put it into words idk maybe I'm just going nuts idk.

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