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Ufos that look like stars/satellites plus possible contact
I've seen strange phenomena in the sky while stargazing. What I thought was a star would suddenly start moving. Or what I thought was a moving satellite would suddenly start moving erratically, and not in a straight line at all. One time a "star" started slowly descending from the sky and then became extremely bright where I could not actually believe my eyes. I've witnessed these types of events many times because I used to stargaze quite often. Has anyone else had these experiences? I've also had an experience where I thought I received a telepathic communication from otherworldly beings telling me "we are all one" and it was a very powerful experience but it also frightened me. I wondered if I was going crazy, to be honest. Then, I wanted it to happen again but it never did. Now I'm pretty much left wondering.

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Ufos that look like stars/satellites plus possible contact - by ShellieElizabeth - 07-26-2021, 11:46 PM

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