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Help Identifying Unknown Objects
Hi all, 

I wonder if anyone can help me identify a few odd objects seen in the sky in this video.

This was taken on 5th June 2021 at approx 16:30 in Waterlooville, United Kingdom facing East. My family and I were in our garden when my youngest son starting shooting his water gun at an object in the sky. At this point we all noticed it in the sky. It looks metallic and almost as if it's spinning, catching the light every now and then. We saw it for at least 20 mins. During this time I used my phone to video it. My other son said that he saw something else shoot across the sky but no one else saw it. Looking back at the video we noticed two more objects appear in the sky. Both flying by at a very high speed. I managed to slow it down enough to see them quite clearly.  

YouTube hasn't done the quality any favours but if you slow the video to 0.25x you can clearly see all three objects.

Any ideas?

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Help Identifying Unknown Objects - by Mattinho - 07-06-2021, 06:23 PM
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