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Heard noises & saw a figure
(07-05-2021, 02:23 AM)confusedgirl123 Wrote:
(07-05-2021, 12:31 AM)Miscible Wrote: Was this figure inside your home? Or outside your home in the doorway? That is creepy. Hope this doesn't happen again. 

It was in the door way of my bedroom- it started to fade as it got closer. was terrifying

Sounds like sleep paralysis. I have had this happen to me once before and it was the single most terrifying event I’ve ever experienced. While I was watching this figure stand over me I could not move and I was trying with all my might. Finally when I was able to move it felt like I broke free from a force that caused me to jerk up letting out a exhausted scream and swinging my are toward the figure that had been watching me. As soon as I moved the figure disappeared and I was so tired from physically trying to move so hard. This woke up my girlfriend when I jumped up and I was visibly distraught. She said awe your ok and went back to bed as did I. Nothing like that has happened again but I just wanted to share with you that others have had similar experiences and it’s usually around that time of 03:33am.

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