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Help Me!!
(06-17-2021, 09:03 PM)Nini2361 Wrote: So I have been having a lot of crazy thing happening to me since I moved to my home I have purchased. From vibrating pictures to objects moving and the latest is weird spotting that I can't explain but other people telling me that they do see nothing while some say they are seeing it as well. I have footage of all the this because I was starting to think that I may have a mental illness because of the way I was being treated and being told that I need help. If I do and the footage I share is nothing to do with some other being or UFO please let me know so I can seek the help I need. I'm the mother of two year old twins that I once walked in to there room and they were both levitated from their beds. As I walked in they bounced on to their bed but continued that day to try and do it again. I really believe their are several of these beings that have decided to rest in my home and watch us. They scan us is what I call it as if they are trying to study us to live as we. Here is what I have taken yesterday morning.  I have so many more but wanted to start with this one. the original one is 30 mins long. [url=][/url]

Do you have a metaphysical bookstore or crystal shop in your area? You should be able to get some help from them. Sounds like you've moved into a space with negative activity. Since your children are involved, if you can't get assistance from a metaphysical store, I'd contact the catholic church to come bless your home and see if that helps.

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