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Strange lights/Object
(06-15-2021, 10:25 PM)Deeluna Wrote: I reached out to mufon almost 6 years back when I first saw this. Forgot about it until I came across it again. Problem is I keep trying to upload to mufon and my video will not upload. I attached a link but it was labeled as spam which it is not. This happened in Chicago, August of 2015 before the air and water show. This was definitely flying, was not on the water.

OK, this cannot be weather phenomena.  It cannot be military flares, nor a balloon. Possibly it could be projected lasers or holograms, but of unknown efficiency. Someone is flaunting their technology here.  The question is, Was it ours?

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Strange lights/Object - by Deeluna - 06-15-2021, 10:25 PM
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