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Filtering Less Credible Reports
This is a big problem like Candy also tells us, I see very many fakes published not only on this platform, but generally everywhere, especially on social media ... and on the web everywhere. The basic concepts are missing to understand if it is fake or not, by the people, who ends up believing in anything sees today on the web. But whoever means a little of these things, can surely help others understand.

(06-21-2021, 03:25 AM)Kellsbells Wrote:
(06-05-2021, 08:45 AM)Barfomew Candy Wrote: Has anyone given thought to filtering some of the, well...let's just call them less credible cases...reported to MUFON? Sure, some reports are genuinely weird, unknown, and worth discussing and analysis. But some are either obvious and clearly visual misinterpretation at best or are outright fabrications at worst. These cringeworthy reports (a significant number on this site) only serve to erode MUFONs credibility and may actually detract from potentially legitimate cases.
Unless you can personally investigate another person's claims, how can you determine credibility? Isn't this about unity within the UFO community? How many of us have been subjugated to the lack of imagination within this society? Mocked and ridiculed because we had experiences that other people couldn't wrap their minds around. We were told we weren't credible, were misinterpreting what we saw, or were fabricating our experiences for attention. I do not support treating people who come to us to share their experiences, no matter how removed from my understanding, that we have no place for them here. I guess, if you don't like it, you could just scroll past.

I disagree with most of your statements:

1) How do you understand if it's a fake? Well, those who have a certain experience in terms of video footage, video montages, 3d animations, etc, can immediately see if a video is a fake or something real ... on other occasions, these are video so clearly false, That nothing have to do for example with the framing, with the movement of the subject that resumes, that you don't have to be engineers to understand that it is fake. The problem is just this one, that there are people who give credit to everything they see and circulating on the web! This is not ethical.

2) That there are ridiculized people in front of real cases of UFOs this is known, and if anything the fault is just about who cries to UFOs in front of anything that sees on the internet ... without discussing or questioning, with the Effect that you all become idiots, in front of those who then do not believe (both for personal culture, and to disinformation). But the problem is this. That the UFO phenomenon has determined tun or taken around people, real witnesses of real UFO events is known, but this is also the cause of those who drink everything, without discussing anything.
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