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lights in sky over N. Hills, CA
(05-09-2021, 09:27 PM)richard blaisdell Wrote: Any one observe circular orbs/lights about 9PM over Noth Hills, CA on Weds May 5? They all came together to form a straight line?

In Lebanon, Oregon two nights ago around 10:30 pm a string of lights around fifty-thousand feet up went across the sky towards  Skinwalker Ranch in Utah from the cardinal directions I found a little later.  However, this string was ten minutes long.  (I did not have my phone). Now since this occurrence 'experts have said it was Elon Musk releasing miniature satellites. Except the lights moved faster to be closer to the one in front of it, others in the long-chain slowed down to be just before the one after it.

Now if this was a string of lights let go by Musk how did he get them to speed up to three times the speed the others were going then stop less than a tenth of the distance behind the next one preceding it, and how did he get several to slow down to one-tenth the speed then speed up again to the same speed as the entire chain was going. If this was Elon Musk, How did he get satellites to speed up and slow down at ten times the speed of the other satellites in the chain?

I am not a pilot, I am not an areonautical engineer, but  I do know there is no plane that can fly anywhere near 10,000 APH. 

A sattilitte came by an hour later but it blinked along at around 1/50th the speed of the chain of lights.

I have thirty trade skills am a master welder and a toolmaker machinist, I also have amassed 20 professions.

I know personally the man who invented the solid-fuel rocket motors that got the LEM off the moon in all the Apollo missions. He also invented the drug that prevents gamma radiation sickness outside the Van Allen belts of open space. He used to work for NASA so I can't reveal his name. He also worked reverse engineering a spacecraft's chemical fuel at Area 51 & 52. He is a chemical scientist. 

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