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A Fundamental Explanation for UAPs
(02-07-2021, 07:07 PM)UAPTheory Wrote: Hello everyone!

This is raising a lot of heads right now and it's time to put it here, too.

Recently, I have formulated a fundamental theory on UAPs by making their intense accelerations compatible with the laws of motion in general relativity. This leads to a fundamental understanding of their propulsion method and a whole list of consequences that turn out to explain practically everything we know and observe about UAPs, and it can demonstrate their origin to be non-mundane. One can even predict their geometric shape and lack of control surfaces - and then some!

I decided to make this a resource that would allow anyone in the public to understand the whole thing from start to finish, trying to make it as understandable and clear as possible.

The likelihood of these objects having an extraterrestrial origin IS 100% but unless you've been up close to one for any length of time then that fact is going to be hard to convey to another human being. There is no "maybe" or "very near" about it though.

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