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UFO proof Russia
We found documents at an abandoned solar activity base. documents in Russian.
English translation:
Dear Viacheslav,

According to the findings the UFO visits took place daily between 18th and 21st of Noveber'79, a piece of information is to be sent. I was reported that on the 19th of November some flashes over Petrozavodsk had been noticed. I have not received any detailes yet. On the December the 1st at 8:30 am we saw the UFO again.
I am sending the copy of the letter to Vsevolod Evgenievich including all the information and the UFO visits' forecast concerning the whole country. The time is local.
Everything's got stuck and and is being concealed from me.
I had no opportunity to have a rest and concentrated on preparing the significant files. But I have to deal with distrust. We did not see Henry the 14th and Stirlitz in such a bright shine as we've expected. I described it to the guys according to the "legend".

What's new? Could you please tell me at least briefly?
Best regards,
V. Kostrykin

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